Pam Carrigan

Pam Carrigan

Pam Carrigan

According to Dave Liniger in the book “Everybody Wins” he says the “From the
Beginning, my dream was to grow the best and the largest real estate network in the world, an organization where everybody wins-our customers, our agents, our owners, our employees, everybody.” I am personally thankful that Grant and Lisa Bennett have followed Dave’s dream and have created a place at RE/MAX of Greensboro where EVERBODY WINS!

I have been in the real estate business for over 7 years, 6.5 of those years as a RE/MAX agent. I have worked in two different states, at two different RE/MAX Offices, under the leadership of 4 different Broker/Owners. As I reflected on what I believed set my current owners on a different level than those in years past, it was their ability and desire to be successful leaders and their heart to create an environment for Everyone to win, not just themselves.

I came across these 10 Traits of Successful Leaders as defined by Bill George, a well known leadership and business guru. I would like to share them because they accurately describe our founders Leadership Success.

1. Authenticity – You can always count on our founders to be authentic.

2. Desire to Serve Others – There is no doubt that Lisa and Grant possess servant hearts.

3. Empowering People – Our founders thrive on empowering others to succeed.

4. Guided by Heart, passion and compassion – I don’t think I have ever worked under the leadership of anyone that possessed the passion for the business as well as compassion for others that I consistently see in Grant and Lisa.

5. Recognize their shortcomings -It is so refreshing in our current business environment that our founders are accountable for their actions and are willing recognize their mistakes.

6. Lead with Purpose – It is evident in Grant and Lisa’s actions that their purpose is to create an environment of success for all of their agents.

7. Build Enduring Relationships – Our founders make building relationships a part of their job.

8. Clear Where They Stand – I dare say you’ve never had to wonder where Grant and Lisa stood on an issue. They communicate clearly and honestly, without wavering.

9. Refuse to Compromise – Our founders lead by example and stand by what’s right, regardless of the cost, financially or otherwise.

10. Develop Themselves – Our founders are always learning and growing so they can bring even more opportunities to the agents here at RE/MAX of Greensboro.

On behalf of myself and the other agents at RE/MAX of Greensboro we thank you Grant and Lisa Bennett for taking this company to new levels of success and for believing in the abilities of each of one us and particularly for creating a environment where EVERYBODY WINS! I for one, love and appreciate you more than I will ever be able to express! Happy Founder’s Day!