Momentum Agent Training

At RE/MAX of Greensboro & Partners we don’t just provide training, we offer you a “Complete Agent Development Program” for you that will be the foundation for your real estate career and we will answer all of those questions and more, while teaching you to stand out and not be a typical real estate agent!

In addition to our one-on-one and group coaching and development we offer the RE/MAX EXCLUSIVE Momentum Agent Training which is Broker/Owner led and focuses on four main competencies…

  1. Personal Development (Don’t be typical)
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Lead Conversion
  4. Client Care

Each of these components are equally important and must be in place, working, and continually reviewed/enhanced to keep you ahead of your competitors and to address the current market trends.

100% Free of Charge

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Momentum Classes Are “Relevant, Focused & Free”

Real Estate Perspective

Provides an overview of the real estate sales business. Learn the three irrefutable facts of real estate and the unique entrepreneurial approach. This class will teach you what it takes mentally and behaviorally to build a successful real estate business.

Advanced Listing Conversion

Designed for those wanting to improve their listing effectiveness and efficiency by expanding the dialogue learned in the basic class. Outlines a consultative approach to listing properties, and will help you become a highly sought-after listing consultant.

Marketing Boot Camp

With the Who-Do-You-Know method, you’ll have a simple and proactive approach to working with neighbors who live around recently listed and sold properties. The course also covers Label-the-Caller, an effective method for answering yard sign and ad calls.

Expired Boot Camp

Learn the Call-to-Close method, a direct and proactive approach to working expired listings over the phone. After this class, you’ll be able to add 1 to 3 listings per week to your inventory.

Buyer Conversion

You’ll learn a complete “Buyers Process”, which covers how to facilitate a buyer conversation, identify appropriate properties, prepare showing packages, show homes, overcome common buyer hesitations and close the sale.

Pricing Boot Camp

Teaches the unique Seven-Step Pricing StrategyTM. You’ll become confident in your ability to help sellers arrive at the most appropriate entry-point price while at the same time adding greatly to your value proposition as a listing consultant.

Open House Boot Camp

Learn how to advertise and hold highly effective and productive open houses. This course also covers the Label-the-Looker method, a complete, non-threatening approach to conversing and following up with open-house attendees.

FSBO Boot Camp

Teaches the Five-Step-Follow-Up method, a complete, non-threatening approach to effectively working For Sale by Owners. You’ll learn how to proactively solicit, follow up with and close FSBOs in a way that adds value to all.

Basic Listing Conversion

Learn the five stages of an effective listing conversation. You’ll be exposed to professional scripts and tools designed to set you apart from the competition.

Listing Objections Boot Camp

Teaches a non-confrontational approach to overcoming common seller objections. Associates learn how to respond with confidence and without hesitation to the most common seller questions, objections and concerns.

Referral Boot Camp

Teaches a unique 33-Touch program, which will help you increase your referral-based business. You’ll learn how to proactively stay in flow with friends, family and past clients through mailings, phone calls and social media.

Activities Management

Provides an overview of the career-changing Activities Management System (A.M.S.). Forget “time-management” and embrace the use of vital time blocks. You’ll learn the differences between vital, dollar-productive and highest-and-best-use activities.

You're Invited: All Real Estate Agents Are Welcome To Join Our Momentum Classes!