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Directly to you! At RE/MAX, high quality leads continually come your way, with no added fees.

Millions of customers around the world start their property search on a RE/MAX web portal…

The leads from these sites are sent out to the agents automatically through Leadstreet, a comprehensive lead and customer relationship management system that all RE/MAX agents have access too.

This combination results in an average of 2,800 fee free leads delivered to RE/MAX agents every day.

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More Leads = More Sales = More Money

The three keys to a successful real estate business…

Leads, Leads, Leads…

In addition to the fee-free leads sent directly to you from remax.com and our office websites, we further assist our agents to get more leads from triadrealty.com. This is an optional referral fee based program and leads are distributed on a round-robin basis. Regardless of lead acceptance every agent is featured on the website.

Leads as of December 2017

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