A Few Of Our Agents In Their Own Words…

Work with the best agents, who love their company and are always glad to help you along the way!

Scott Vosburgh

Kelly Marks

I have been in the real estate business for over 7 years, 6.5 of those years as a RE/MAX agent. I have worked in two different states, at two different RE/MAX Offices, under the leadership of 4 different Broker/Owners. As I reflected on what I believed set my current owners on a different level than those in years past, it was their ability and desire to be successful leaders and their heart to create an environment for Everyone to win, not just themselves.

Pam Carrigan

Broker Associate, RE/MAX Partners

I left RE/MAX of Greensboro back in 2003 and came back in March of 2010, it was like coming back ““HOME”. Lisa, Grant and the staff are absolutely the best!! It has been a choice that has made a difference in real estate and can honestly say I enjoy working again!

Cathy Duke

Broker Associate, RE/MAX of Greensboro

@Micheal Driver – Today I choose Lisa Bennett my Broker in Charge here at RE/MAX of Greensboro. Lisa and Grant stepped up when ROG needed help and that took real guts. She’s a real smart lady and she’s always there for her agents, especially me cause goodness knows putting up with my shenanigans is lots of work. She encouraged me during the downturn when pizza delivery was looking really attractive and makes the tough decisions when they have to be made (and being a Broker in Charge as well, I can tell you that is not easy sometimes). She’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. #100daysofcompliments #day3

Michael Driver

Broker Associate, RE/MAX of Greensboro

Well, I can think of A LOT of things I like about our office.  You all go over and beyond to help us agents and you WANT us to thrive and better ourselves both personally and professionally each year.  You are personable and you really do care about each one of us!  That truly means a lot.
I just opened my paycheck and you wrote a note to me on my paystub congratulating me on paying off my RAPP.  Do you know how that made me feel? It made me feel…

Debbie Perry

Broker/REALTOR, RE/MAX of Greensboro

Ms. Lisa Bennett, since becoming owner/broker, she has worked tirelessly to put together an initiative second to none. Although the Real Estate market has been unsettling during her tenure, I firmly believe we are positioned not only to weather the storm, but also to achieve all the goals other firms have been forced to put on hold.

Charlie Hudson

Broker Associate, RE/MAX of Greensboro

I have been with the RE/MAX organization for 14 years. I love working with Grant and Lisa and feel like it was one of my best career moves. Not only are they much more technology savvy than our other broker/owner, they go out of their way to help their agents. The other agents in our office are also very willing to help and we could not think of any place I would rather be. As an agent I have known and worked on many cross sales with Lisa for years. She always did a fantastic job and was an agent you looked forward to working with. She is still that way today as an owner!

Nikole Daigle

Broker Associate, RE/MAX of Greensboro

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