1. Read an hour a day on the topic.
Before Lears even got into real estate, he came across an assertion that if you read one hour each day on any subject, you’ll soon become an expert on it. Today, his career success backs up that claim.

2. Join the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
The connection will unfold countless learning and networking opportunities.

3. Pursue a Master in Residential Marketing (MIRM) designation from NAHB.
The program is intense and will likely take years, but it’s well worth the effort, Lears says.

4. Seek out mentors and training opportunities.
“You must invest in yourself,” says Lears, who attends multiple conferences and training events each year.

5. Start a YouTube channel.
“Get to know your town, your market,” Lears suggests. “Interview builders and ask them, ‘What makes you different?’” And don’t let equipment be a barrier. “Until recently, I did everything with a $25 tripod, an iPhone, and a little microphone that plugged into it.”

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