1. Know your core values

Cultivate a vision that is driven by your core values — what you stand for. You must be able to articulate to recruits where you’re going in order for them to believe in what you stand for.

2. Focus on brand, people and culture

A successful team leader builds upon these three components: brand, people and culture. A strong brand will withstand disruption and cannot be taken away. Your people – agents and employees – are extensions of that brand and your values. They are recognizable and trusted by the public. Finally, the culture of your office is the environment you create for your employees according to the core values you establish for your office. Behind every strong team you’ll find strong branding, people and culture. Work on these three elements and build a top team of your own.

3. Seek out successful peers

Make an effort to meet and mingle with successful people. Learn what their successes and struggles are. Ask yourself, “Does this apply to my business? What can I do to prevent or solve that?”

4. Consider The Ultimate RE/MAX Team Event

If you’re an individual agent who has thought of joining a team or creating one, or you want to learn what teams are about, consider attending The Ultimate RE/MAX Team Event. You’ll learn how to put a team system in place and other early teambuilding steps.

5. Learn from your mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. The key is to pivot, make adjustments and fix them. The ability to learn from mistakes is critical, and that, too, is a learning process that can be accelerated when you put yourself in contact with people who have been there, done that.

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